The Perfect Nude Nails

For me having beautiful nails is one of the little joys in life. They can add a pop of colour to an outfit or be used to create a polished look or accentuate jewellery. I do like to experiment with colour sometimes but I am also a massive lover of nude nails.

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YSL Touche Eclat Foundation

My first encounter with the Yves Saint Laurent line up was the original highlighting concealer which I used to steal from my mums makeup bag before school. When the foundation launched in 2012 I was desperate to try it but I just never got round to it. With the reformulation earlier this year it went back to the top of my list and I finally picked it up!

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The National History Museum.

I love museums and art galleries and lucky for me London as plenty of them to explore. One of my goals having moved here recently is to make the most of having so many so close to me. This weekend I met up with some friend from University to tick of one from the top of my list – The National History Museum.

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