When in Rome.

As you get to know me you are quickly going to realise I have a utter passion for travel. Italy is a country which has been on my wishlist for so long, as food, history and culture come top of my wishlist when choosing a destination – and who could say no to all that Pizza, Pasta and Gelato?!

So last minuet I booked a trip to Rome.

It is one of the most beautiful cites I have visited, with unique history around every corner.
We stopped off at all the tourist spots – Fontana Di Trevi, The Roman Forum, The Colessum, The Panethon and The Vatican City, and it was easy to see why they are the must visits for so many people. But I would defiantly say getting away from the crowds and visiting a few lesser know place to such as Bibliotec Angelic, Giardino Degli Aranci, and spending a day exploring Trastavere where the highlights of the trip . The Basilica di Santa Maria was beautiful and Fior Di Luna Gelateria is defiantly worth a visit if your in the area (I highly recommend the syrup waffle).

I’ve included lots of photos below.

thumbnail_image1 (2)

thumbnail_image1 (3).jpg





thumbnail_image1 (4).jpg

thumbnail_image1 (1)13883762_631940823631112_1079729521_n


thumbnail_image1 (5).jpg



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