Weekend Exploration

Being able to spend my weekend exploring London has to be one of the best things about living here. My family where in town this weekend so we headed into the city for shopping, food and quality time.

The first stop was bond street, which is a beautiful street in London home of tones of designer brands, where we stopped by Yves Saint Laurent, to stalk the bag I’ve being dreaming of, hopefully there will be more to share on this front soon! We headed to
Regent Street for some shopping. I picked up a few great piece from Zara and Mango new season collection which I cant wait to style – there going to be perfect for autumn.

We finished the day in Covent Garden, exploring a few more shops before heading for dinner at Franco Manca, a delicious sour dough pizza restaurant. If pizza is your thing I would defiantly recommend giving it a try – they have quite a few locations across London. We picked up a few treats from Patisserie Valarie on the way home, however we ate these before I remembered to take any pictures.


bond street edited

franco manca

me 2

pizza 2


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