The National History Museum.

I love museums and art galleries and lucky for me London as plenty of them to explore. One of my goals having moved here recently is to make the most of having so many so close to me. This weekend I met up with some friend from University to tick of one from the top of my list – The National History Museum.

It’s super close to South Kensington tube station so really easy to get to and free entry, an added bonus. The museum itself is pretty vast so if you are wanting to see it all make sure to leave yourself a few hours.

I loved dinosaurs as a child (an now) so i was super excited for the vast collection of fossils and skeleton, the Stegosaurus was pretty cool. Other highlights are the taxidermy birds and mammals which allow you to see animals up close, the life size blue whale suspended from the ceiling and the Kobe earthquake simulator.There is information alongside all the displays which is informative and concise.

There is also an outdoor wildlife garden, a lovely space to escape some of the crowds and we where able to enjoy the sun as it was a surprisingly sunny day! If you ever find yourself in London I would defiantly recommend making time to pay it a visit. And if you live here and have never been – go!








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